August 30, 2013 Carpet Roll Crush Marks

Many of us have, from time to time, seen odd bands in our carpets. These bands stretch across the entire width of the device, spaced out closely at first but then farther and farther apart as the rug goes on. These marks are somewhat mysterious in nature, as they often simply appear, particularly in the winter. However, they’re really nothing to worry about. They’re simply what are called ‘crush marks,’ compressions caused by the carpet’s weight. To get rid of them, steam only the areas of the carpet where the marks have developed. Unfortunately, carpets made of polypropylene or olefin will not respond to this treatment. On such rugs these marks are basically permanent. On the other hand, crush marks which develop on nylon rugs will often just go away on their own with time. This is a very common problem, one seen on a wide variety of rugs in a number of desperate applications. Unless you have a polypropylene or olefin carpet, it is also completely treatable.